Pay attention to your camera


When opening the website today and preparing to register an account, the Quark browser will prompt whether to allow the camera to be enabled. I want to know if you are so good at me that you want to secretly take a picture of me, so you are not allowed to close this page without registering.
As soon as I thought, I was secretly photographed by the browser without prompting? Therefore, I published a related article on Baidu, which indeed gave me a similar Baidu program, the core of which is a piece of JS code.
In order to understand myself and the enemy, I uploaded it to the server and prepared to try it. This is a good try, it’s really easy to use! !
The sharpness of the photo comes from your camera…

Was secretly photographed

He has a page to manage. You will generate a unique ID and enter the URL after accessing it.
In other words, you disguised the generated link and used QQ to send it to others, because QQ has basically enabled camera permissions.

You can still see the clues, and the browser will also prompt!

deal with

To be safe, I will do a few things:

Body manipulation


Mobile app


What can be found can still be processed, but more can not be found! !

QQ is trying to read your browsing history
The fact is that station B can also delete photos on its own
It has dealt a heavy blow to the illegal collection of privacy applications, this time I am very happy!